Access Statement


Our self catering accommodation is a detached former stables sited on a working sheep farm.  We have tried to provide as much information as possible in this statement to enable you to judge whether we can meet your needs but if you have any queries please do call.  We look forward to welcoming you.


  • We have a website ( detailing the building location and floor layout.

  • Availability can be accessed online through (link from our own site) and enquiries can be made direct via phone or email.

  • The nearest bus stop is Hayfield village approximately 1.5 miles away.

  • The nearest train stations are in New Mills (3.5 miles away) or Glossop (6 miles).  New Mills Newtown station has better access than New Mills Central station which is accessed via a steep road.

  • Accessible taxis do serve the station but we recommend asking us to arrange advanced booking.

  • We can also arrange for shopping to be delivered on arrival

  • We can provide information in large print or Braille on request

  • The nearest RADAR toilet is in Hayfield village approximately 1.5 miles away.


  • The nearest petrol station is over 7 miles away on the A6 beyond New Mills (if arriving by car best not to arrive on empty).

  • There is car parking at the side of the nearest farmhouse across the farm yard.

  • The parking area has a slight gradient and is finished with rough gravel.

  • The distance between the car parking area and the main entrance is 50 metres approximately.

  • The surface between the car parking area and the main entrance is part paved and part gravel. There are no steps but it is rough ground.

  • It is possible to park directly outside the main entrance to load and unload vehicles.

  • Beware: It is not easy to see the concrete upstand between the farm yard and the path running along the front of the building to either side of the main entrance door.


  • The main entrance door is 77cm wide and 188cm high.

  • The combination to the key safe is supplied to visitors and changed afterwards for security purposes.  The numbers on the key safe are small and the dials are fiddly.

  • Note: We appreciate that the key arrangements may not suit everybody and we are happy to supply visitors with the key by an alternative means upon request.


  • The main entrance door is hinged on the right and opens internally onto a platform measuring 1.4m wide by 1.2m deep.

  • There are three different levels internally.

  • The platform is at intermediate level.  The main bathroom and the utility room housing the boiler are at this level.

  • From the intermediate level there are 4 steps leading down to the lower level and 12 steps leading up to the upper level. Each stair tread is 25cm deep and 20cm high.

  • At the lower level is the main living area, the kitchen area and the smaller bedroom.

  • At the upper level is the larger bedroom and the en-suite bathroom.


  • On the stairs leading down to the living and dining area the handrail is to the right and is 1 metre high.

  • Immediately ahead at the bottom of the stairs is the end of the main dining table. The gap between the bottom of the stairs and the end of the table is 85cm.  The table measures 83cm wide and 182cm in length and is 75cm high.  Seating at the table comprises of two benches 135cm long, 50cm high and 45cm wide on either side plus a chairs (without arms) at each end.

  • The walls of the living area are off white and floor of the living area is sandstone of various light beige tones surrounded by darker wood skirting boards.

  • In the living area, to the right of the dining table there is a 3 seat sofa and a single armchair both upholstered in very light coloured fabric, a light wooden coloured coffee table and a rug with stripes in pastel shades (woven).

  • Beyond the sofa is a side table 80cm high with HiFi on top.

  • The lights can be operated from each side of the living room and there is also a reading lamp which can be reached from the sofa.

  • There is a TV and a stereo, both with remote controls.

  • There is a wood burning stove with full instructions in large type.  Fuel for the stove is also provided.

  • It is not essential to light the stove as there is under floor heating.

  • The sofa, chair and rug are repositionable if required.


  • The kitchen area is in an open annex leading from the dining area.  The flooring is the same and there is no step.

  • The kitchen units are arranged in an ‘L’ shape such that viewed from the opening there are worktops to the right and immediately ahead. To the left is a wooden window ledge with a fire blanket stored below.

  • The work surfaces are 90cm high and 60cm deep.

  • The electric induction hob has 4 rings and is inset into the work surface with an electric extractor hood above.

  • The electric oven, dishwasher and larder fridge are all located below worktop level.

  • There is good contrast between the floor which is beige, the kitchen units which are dark grey and the worktops which are white.

  • Crockery and utensils are stored in cupboards or on rails above the worktops but can be moved to a lower position if required.


  • There is a corridor on the right leading from the entrance platform to the main bathroom. The corridor is 70cm wide at the narrowest point and there is one small step 13cm deep at a distance of approximately 50cm.

  • The door to the bathroom is 86cm wide and opens inwards.

  • Immediately behind the door is a vanity basin 45cm wide beyond which is the toilet. The toilet seat is 43cm high.  There is a space of 23cm to the wall to the right of the toilet and 40cm to the end of the bath to the left of the toilet when seated.

  • The bath is 150cm long and situated along the wall to the left of the entrance door.

  • All of the walls and floors of the bathroom are tiled and waterproof.  There is no shower surround.

  • The shower is directly ahead of the entrance door.  The mixer is thermostatic and the controls are 110cm above floor level.


  • The door to the lower bedroom is 86cm wide and 195cm high.  Hinged on the left and opens inwards.

  • The flooring material is continuous with the main living area and there is no step.

  • There is a rug (thin woven) with a striped pattern and under floor heating.

  • In the corner directly in front of the door is the cabinet housing the washer/dryer.  The cabinet door is hinged on the left and opens outwards.

  • On the wall to the far right there are two single beds in a bunk arrangement, with a further pull-out bed beneath that can be relocated as required.


  • The stairs leading from the intermediate platform to the upper bedroom are directly opposite the main entrance door.  The staircase is 83cm wide and the stairs turn left through 90 degrees from the 6th and 7th step.

  • The bedroom door opens inwards to the left and is 85cm wide x 190cm high.

  • The floor of the bedroom is oak with a woven rug in contrasting red tones.

  • The ceiling height is 200cm in the middle but the ceiling slopes at 30 degrees to either side of the entrance door to an eaves height of 140cm.

  • The main light switch is positioned on the wall behind the door, above the foot of the double bed. The bed is 30cm high and is a standard double measuring 200cm long by 140cm in width.

  • The access to either side of the bed is very narrow at 23cm. At each side at the head of the bed there is a small shelf and a reading lamp.

  • On entering the bedroom the door to the en-suite bathroom is immediately on the right (doubling back on yourself).

  • The thermostat controlling room temperature is fixed to the wall beyond on the left of the door leading to the en-suite bathroom.

  • The en-suite bathroom has a toilet to the left. The toilet seat height is 43cm and the space to either side is 50cm on the right and 100cm on the left when seated.

  • To the right of the toilet there is a vanity basin 45cm wide. The shower enclosure is opposite the entrance door and is 80cm square.  The glass door of the shower surround opens outwards and is hinged on the right.

  • There is also a wall mounted heated towel rail on the wall to the right as you enter the bathroom.


  • The twin patio doors open outwards to a total width of 95cm allowing access between the main living area and the patio.

  • The key for the patio door is identical to the key that operates the main entrance. It is found in the internal keyhole 90cm from the ground.

  • There is no step between the main living area and the patio.

  • The patio is virtually flat but is ‘cobbled’ and slightly uneven underfoot.

  • At present there is a drop of 30cm to 50 cm at the edge of the patio and there is no fence or barrier.  This will be improved with further external works.


  • There is an automatic washer/dryer housed in a cupboard in the corner of the lower bedroom.

  • The freezer is located in the bike storage shed outside. The shed is along the path to the right of the main door about 10 metres away.  The path has 4 steps (13cm high) equally placed about 2m apart.

  • The heating and hot water system is fully automatic and it should not be necessary to adjust any of the controls.


  • The bedding is Egyptian cotton and all pillows and duvets are is hypoallergenic.

  • The filling of the sofa cushions contains feathers.

  • Smoking indoors is not permitted and we are unable to accept pets because of the farm situation.

  • A full welcome pack is provided which includes details of local amenities.

  • We have secure storage facilities for bicycles and visitors are encouraged to walk or cycle whenever possible.


  • Improvement of garden and outside facilities is a priority.

  • Feedback forms are provided.  If we get it wrong please tell us and we will do what we can to improve.

We hope you find this statement useful.  Please call if you need any help or any

further information.